just awn it.

rogue series

Taking our awning range
to the next level.

now available for pre-order.

Designed for

the american adventure

Taruca is a US company that delivers a range of Adventure Gear that is tried and tested in the outdoors.

We strive in bringing quality products to the market, and developing them to meet the requirements that the US terrain and conditions demand.

Products that are

Built to last

Focusing on key components within our products to increase strength, resistance, and reliability.
To withstand the harshest conditions, gear you can count on, for every adventure.


Proud partner of the

Venture Unknown Foundation

Giving back to our community is what we strive for, and partnering up with companies, such as Venture Unknown Foundation which is a non-profit organization serving the overlanding community in the Southeast.

Dedicated to keeping our trails clean, encouraging teamwork, educating the community, exploring the trails together .......

A Race Against Blindness: Adventure Driven for a Cure Fundraiser

Join us in supporting a fantastic non-profit organization who advocates for communities affected by retinitis pigmentosa, Bardet-Biedl syndrome, blindness and low-vision disorders.