Taruca Rogue 180 Dual + R-Filler Awning

Taruca Rogue 180 Dual + R-Filler Awning


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  • Mounting Location: Left and Right Side
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  • 2 Year Limited Factory Warranty
D-Filler Type

Taruca Rogue 180 Dual + R-Filler Awning

To be used on both Driver and Passenger Side of the Vehicle/Trailer for a 360 setup. 


Introducing the Rogue 180 Dual awning Setup. For those who want the ultimate coverage for their vehicle/trailer.

Taking the past 2 years of testing our Extreme awnings out in the field, listening to our customer and partner feedback, we took the steps and implemented a number of design changes, upgrades, and added better accessories to our awning range.

The design of the Rogue range is focused on a thicker frame and hinge support system, manufactured from high quality aluminum, powder coated, and supporting a 100% free-standing experience. 

Accessories added for you to set up your awning as easy as possible, which includes a number of quick-release guy lines and Screw-in stakes to have it staked down and supported for longer camping setups. Our arms are more robust and easier to deploy and pack away.

A new edition is integrated lighting into the arms and individually cycle the lights with a push of a button to the desired type, either Amber, White, or Natural. 

A Full Wall-Kit, connected by the outer Velcro strip on the awning, is also available to turn your awning into a living space, with an optional choice of a floor for a fully enclosure section. We recommend using the legs and guy lines for additional support.

The 180 Dual Setup Rogue Awning takes coverage to the next level with full coverage around the sides and back of the vehicle/trailer. With its light weight and flexibility can 

A great option for those who want to take advantage of as much coverage as possible on their adventures.

In the event of adverse weather, we always recommend to have it properly staked down, poles down, and use of the rain tie down points to create a gutter like effect. The use of walls or full enclosures  can be used for additional protection.

Product Information:

  • Black PVC cover bag
  • 900 Denier polyester Dark Grey canvas, water proof and UV50+ Rating
  • Black Powder Coated Aluminum Extrusion Backing Plate.
  • Square tube Aluminum Frame with A-Frame Arms.
  • Protective coverings on frame and nut/bolt connections
  • Two built-in LED lights in the arms with AMBER / WHITE / NATURAL with single switch. (16 ft. cord with a 12V accessory plug)
  • Rain tie-down points to create a gutter in adverse weather
  • Risers on Arms
  • Guy-line holding points on top of each arm
  • One person setup and pack down


  • Pack up Dimensions: 79 inches long x 7 inches high x 6 inches wide (x2)
  • Weight: 90 LBS Total
  • Coverage: 185 SQFT Total

Open Dimensions:


  • Accessory bag with Tie down Ratchets ropes and Screw-in stakes
  • 2 x 16ft cord with a 12V accessory plug
  • 4 x Quick Release Rope Ratchets for Awning tie down.
  • 4 x Built-in Lock type Leg Stands
  • 4 x  Height Adjustable T-Brackets including 304 Stainless Steel Bolts (requires rust treatment using lanolin spray)
  • Note: Bolts/Nuts to mount to your roof or bed rack are not included. Please source the appropriate hardware for your setup.


Optional:(Sold Separately)

  • 180 Full Wall Velcro Kit (Requires 2 kits + R-Filler Wall). (Coming Soon)
  • 180 Floor for Wall Kit (Requires 2 kits + R-Filler Floor) (Coming Soon)
Minimum Mounting Distance: 1200mm / 47"


ARB BASE RACK (Planks/Bars running East-West)
  • Our standard T- brackets or HD T-brackets are compatible.
  • Mounting will require either T-slot adapters or KAON brackets to suit ARB base rack.


  • Our standard T- brackets or HD T-brackets are compatible.
  • Front Runner Bat wing/Manta wing brackets are compatible.
    2 Brackets for the 180 and Shower Ensuite, 3 Brackets for the 270 Awnings.
  • Front Runner Quick release awning brackets work with the Rogue Shower Awning Only!
    Not Suitable for the 180 or 270 Awnings.


  • NOT compatible with our standard T- brackets or HD T-Brackets 
  • You will need to use GOBI ARB Awning Brackets 
  • 2 Brackets for the Shower En-suite / 3 Brackets for the 180 and 270 Awnings


  • Our standard T- brackets or HD T-brackets are compatible.
  • We highly recommend using Leitner HD Awning Brackets for maximum strength.


  • Our standard T- brackets or HD T-brackets are compatible.
  • You will need to source 4x size M8 T-bolts to mount your brackets.


RHINO RACK PIONEER TRAY / ROLA TITAN (Planks/bars running North-South)
  • Our standard T- brackets or HD T-brackets are compatible.
  • You will need to source 4x size M8 T-bolts to mount your brackets.


    • Our standard T- brackets or HD T-brackets are compatible

    Shower/180 - 2 Sets, 270 Awnings - 3 Sets required.


  • We highly recommend using Trukd Awning Brackets for maximum strength..


  • We highly recommend using Xtrusion Awning Brackets for maximum strength..


  • Our standard T- brackets or HD T-brackets are compatible.
  • You will need to source 4x size M8 T-bolts to mount your brackets.


Proper care and maintenance of your Awning (Rogue Series) is essential to ensure its longevity and performance of our products.

To prevent rubbing and damage to the arms and canvas, it is important to properly close and secure the Awning when not in use. 

Before closing your Awning, make sure that the canvas is dry and free of any debris. When rolling up the awning, be sure to follow the instructions carefully to avoid any damage to the canvas.

Regular cleaning and inspection of your Awning will also help extend its lifespan - to prevent surface rust on your brackets, we suggest using a lanolin spray. Additionally, using a canvas re-proofer spray will enhance the waterproofing capabilities of your Awning to ensure that it is ready for your next adventure!

To increase the longevity of your zipper, we do recommend a Zipper Wax & Zip Lube Marine Grade to be applied when needed. This will ensure that it does not wear out due to long exposure in the sun or rain.

Warranty: Our Awnings are made to the highest manufacturing standards of quality and durability. Therefore, we offer a 24 Month Manufacturing Warranty valid from the date of dispatch from our Warehouse. Our Warranty does not cover any damage or failure resulting from misuse, abuse, accidental damage, improper installation, acts of nature (such as wind, rain, hail, etc.), or any other cause that is not a result of a defect in materials or manufacturing workmanship. In the event that do have an issue with your product, please email us at support@tarucausa.com or reach out to us via the contact page. We will always do our best to accommodate your situation.

Freight related issues:   If you elect to have your awning left in a safe place for home delivery, there is no opportunity for you to check over that the item has arrived in good condition. We highly recommend that you select our ROUTE option at checkout for peace of mind.   Please ensure you thoroughly check over the box prior to signing for it, if there is any obvious damage to the box please refuse the parcel and let us know immediately via support@tarucausa.com For items that do not require a signature, please inspect the product and if any damage is found, please contact us within the first 24 hours of receipt. Please state the type of damage, waybill number and attach photos and send it to support@tarucausa.com  Please ensure you check over your awning once it has arrived to ensure you are not missing any items, feel free to contact us at support@tarucausa.com for any questions or concerns.

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